Artist Statement

Julia headshot-web

Through the immediacy of image-making, I find a meaningful channel for ideas that hover and live in my sub-conscious mind. These images flicker, find form and dissipate once exposed to my conscious observation.

These nebulous confines attempt to capture and define these glimpses or moments in time. Primitive elements and imagery are trans-formational and aid in the fabrication of meaning.

Currently, I am working with various combinations of encaustic (wax, resin & pigment fused through heat application), pen, pencil, gouache, ink and digital photography. I am interested in creating or alluding to a physical surface sensibility or dimentionality on a 2D plane.

Capturing the beauty of a given moment in time be it ephemeral or definitive, informs my work. The work lives within the realm of the unconscious or sub-conscious mind. In a place where knowing meets uncertainty. The competing nature of the human experience and the quirks of memory that seem inherent in our nature are represented through figurative pictorial devise coupled with mediums that aid in the obfuscation of intention.

-Julia Koivumaa

My vision, my art speaks the vocabulary of creation and transformation.

While I begin with a narrative, these sometimes remain nebulous and obscure and are therfore open to interpretation, influence and rethinking as images take shape.